Datek Pacific customers enjoy complete peace of mind with technical support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a range of customer support services, including free telephone support, product servicing and repairs, onsite overhauls, and DIY service courses.

Free Telephone Support

All Datek Pacific customers receive FREE telephone support. If a problem arises, simply call our service technicians for prompt assistance.


Within Australia:   (08) 6253 4000
Outside Australia: +61 8 6253 4000 

DIY Servicing & Service Courses

Servicing and repairing Datek products is easy. So easy, that you can do much of the work yourself – saving time and money.

Programming, calibration, and troubleshooting are performed using light and sound signals. The replacement of levers, circuit boards, and relays is also very simple.

If you would like a comprehensive run-through of our servicing procedures, Datek Pacific can arrange a service course for you. Simply contact us for more information.

Annual Overhaul

Datek products and systems are built for long service life. Even in demanding operating environments they require little repair work. However, particles, chemicals, damp, and extreme temperatures can have an impact over time.

That is why we recommend an annual overhaul of your remote control equipment. Our engineer will visit your site, inspect all systems, and make repairs or adjustments, as required. Once the overhaul is complete, you receive an inspection report and 6-month guarantee.

Service & Repairs – Online Reporting

At Datek Pacific, we take great pride in the high quality of our products and services and constantly strive to satisfy our clients’ needs.

To streamline our servicing and repair department, we now provide a convenient online service report facility. By filling out our Service Report Form, we can prepare for the arrival of your product and ensure a faster service turnaround time.