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Do you need a more reliable and efficient remote system for your machinery?
Do you want to be provided with a service, that’s friendly, personal, expert and reliable?
With 24/7 product back up and technical support? Thinking there has to be better?

We ask you to take a moment and allow us to introduce you to our wholly Australian owned and run company, and show you how we’re different.

At Datek we thoroughly maintain that we can help you communicate with and control your equipment easier.

Datek itself has over 40 years experience in the field, and has the up to the minute technical knowledge to adequately help you with your enquiries, as well as help educate your staff if required.

Datek are a leading company with local production and also have the fastest turn-around times for supply and service. As we know our clients work 24/7, we provide 24/7 technical support and assistance.

Datek services Australia entirely, with our main workshop located in Welshpool Perth. We supply and service products from DATEK, Tele-radio and SEAV.

Our varied and satisfied customer base ranges from heavy industrial environments including mining and marine,  construction and military applications, through to tow trucks, gate openers, and even roller shutters.

Datek can also service and maintain any existing systems you may already have whatever they are – cable controls, pendants, control panels and more.

Datek also specialise in the customisation of remote control systems for a wide range of industrial equipment, such as layouts with logos and text, to meet our client’s requests.

All systems we supply fully comply with the Australian standards and are C-ticked.

At Datek we know we can provide you with the right remote control system for your needs.

Be in “control”, take a look and even experience our friendly expertly trained staff, and do not hesitate to contact us with your specific application! We bet you won’t be disappointed.

Datek Pacific Pty Ltd also have exclusivity on several Tele-Radio products for Australia and New Zealand market.